Environmental Risk Assessment and Mitigation on Cultural Heritage assets in Central Asia



ERAMCA project introduces in the Republic of Uzbekistan and Republic of Tajikistan an interdisciplinary approach to the complex problem of environmental risk assessment and reduction on Cultural Heritage assets in Central Asia. The project starts with an investigation of the local needs in Partner Countries and transforms those requests into a curriculum of a Master (120 ECTS), a digital library where all the teaching materials (e.g. books, hypertexts, video, best practices) related to the courses planned for the Master are stored and freely accessible by everyone. The project foresees the realization of 4 specialized laboratories for the activation, in each of the Universities of the Partner Countries.

Outdoor Study Group

Work packages

Currently Active packages:


Definition of a Master in Environmental risk assessment and mitigation on CH (jump to WP3) 

WP 4

Development of a digital library about theoretical contents (jump to WP4)



Upcoming Events

  • ERAMCA fifth virtual meeting
    Tue, 01 Jun
    Online event
    01 Jun, 11:00
    Online event
    AGENDA 1. Coordinator communications (POLITO) 2. WP3 - State of art (UNIOS) 3. WP3 - Laboratory equipment (purchasing) 4. WP9 - Budget 5. Any other business
  • ERAMCA third virtual meeting
    Thu, 11 Mar
    Online event
    11 Mar, 10:00
    Online event
    AGENDA 1. Coordinator communications (POLITO) 2. WP3 start of activities (UNIOS) 3. Any other business INVITED PEOPLE The Management Board Mrs. Maria Sol Dominguez Parrado MEETING PLATFORM The meeting will take place on Zoom platform.


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